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Rescue Dogs

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Posted on 10-24-2013

As I scratched out the last of seven health certificates at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday night, a fog of melancholy descended. The latest seven golden retriever and golden retriever mixes now being sent out to their new forever homes. The local golden retriever rescue works hard for these fur kids, keeps long hours, countless miles on the road to ensure their new found happiness. Some of them have been here over a month being treated for skin infections, parvovirus, heart worm disease, and I fall in love with them. 

I get choked up when I look at their faces. They enter my care as drifters, surrenders, some have lost their beloved family due to tragedy. Dogs who have suffered great loss in their short lives. My task to make them whole, make them trust. Some of them come in eagerly, fully trusting that their next human encounter will surpass the last. I make sure it does. Others are timid, depressed, sick, and tired. The older ones steal my heart as their dark, trusting eyes ask one simple question, “Will you love me?” 

I shudder at the transformation most of them undergo from weeks worth of simple, basic nutrition. While others require loads of medications, baths, grooming, tedious personal attention. Personal attention that no medicine can cure. The soft words of encouragement and gentle hands of tenderness stroking their heads and hearts, urging them to fight for themselves one more time. Praying that they can understand my explanations that we humans are capable of loving them, caring for them, if they will trust just one more time. 

They are more than a daily task. They require the passion I felt as a 10 year old child to love them unconditionally, to want to put in the years of school to make them better. They draw that passion to the surface over and over. They make sure I don’t lose it. They learn the routine, happy to see me every morning no matter how my day has begun. I am overwhelmed at the eagerness of their new parents to rescue them, but I confess to missing them when they leave. A little part of me leaves with them as I remember how they entered and how beautiful and gracious they have become when they exit.

Lisa Hume said:

You do all of that and so much more. We are forever grateful to you and your staff on bhalf of our beloved golden recues.

2013-11-11 09:34:17

susan davidson said:

so beautifully said! we love you and so appreciate all that you all do! many blessings to you and yours. you are such a blessing to all of the furbabies that come your way! we are all so thankful for you! :)))

2013-11-26 19:23:58

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